Rea Family webWho We Are:

We are Independent, Fundamental, Local Church Baptists that hold to the old paths, the old King James Bible, and the old time religion that changes lives, makes men new, heals the heart, and satisfies the soul.

Our Objective:

Our main goal is the establishment of new fundamental Baptist Churches in the unreached areas of Zambia, and the surrounding nations. Congruent to this is the training of National Pastors and publishing the Gospel via the printed page. The ultimate goal is to have Zambian churches sending and supporting their missionaries into all of Africa. This is the Biblical model, and this is the plan we seek to follow.

Our Unique Opportunity:

Zambia is a very open country. Their first democratically elected President dedicated this nation to the “Lord Jesus Christ” in 1991. Video of this can be seen by clicking here. While this is an even that is over two decades old, its effects are seen in the open hearts of Zambians for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Even after being an open nation for well over two decades, many has still not heard a Biblical salvation message.

The Words of Jesus:

“I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day:the night cometh, when no man can work. ” John 9:4¬†Zambia is ready to be harvested, the people are crying for people to bring the Gospel and plant churches. God has called us to this great task. The are waiting, and they are dying. Is there not a cause?¬†Will you prayerfully consider how your life could be used to reach the world before the harvest is over and that day comes when no man can work.


David Rea

Jer. 33:3


Brian and Camille 28-08-2012, 15:50

Hi all!! Just thinking about you and wondering how you are doing? Where are you all right now? How is the support coming along? We want you to know that we pray for you all often!! We think about you too and wonder how road life is treating you. We sometimes talk about how different and exciting it will be for you all when you get to Zambia. The boys think it would be great (and maybe fearful) to see some live beasts in the jungles. Please send our love to the whole family and keep in touch if you are able, we would love to hear from you when you have a “free” moment.
Love Brian, Camille, Shawn, Joshua and Matthew!!!!

David Rea 15-09-2012, 22:18

It is good to hear from you! How is Russia? Now we are in Auburn, WA. Getting ready to make a trip to… Canada! Getting ready to really get into the road life. Just got the home sold, that is done. Thought about you all when we were packing up, remembered your kindness, and help with the electrical. God bless you!

Ceola 30-09-2012, 10:17

I gotta favorite this site it seems very beneficial very helpful

kampamba Betson 06-10-2012, 13:38

This is Betson from Zambia graduate of North Star Bible of Institute of Zambia. am i very excited, earst praying for Rea family their desire to serve in Zambia and do the work of the Living God, LORD Jesus Christ to be preached in Zambia

David Rea 11-10-2012, 21:16

Hey Betson! How are you doing!! Are you still praying about South Sudan? Please email me directly and give me an update. We sure miss you, and look forward to working with you in Africa to start more churches!

Jim Bozman 10-01-2013, 03:15

Greetings Brother in Christ

Blessings to you and family and Ministry in Zambia.

Any chance that you’re the same David Rea that Pastored Saters Baptist Church in MD in the mid 1980s. It was at his invitation I accepted Christ.

Jim (son of Russell and Elsie) Bozman

David Rea 10-01-2013, 16:44

No, sorry that was not me. In the mid 80’s I was still in High School. I am sure glad that you accepted Christ though! Amen!

Mildah Kamutiana 07-07-2013, 07:51

Dear Brother in Christ,
I want to work for God and i want you to help me achieve my goal. It has been so wonderful to see the work you are doing and i hope i will enjoy one time going round with in Zambia or any country and bring millions into the kingdom of God..


Byabagabo Eric 25-07-2013, 08:07

Hello REA Family! How are you doing? hope you are so fine Through Jesus Christ. I am so glad to see your address and I have seen your great objectives. for me I live in Rwanda and I want to be your son in your family. I am greeting in the name of Jesus.

Carla Veltsos 04-04-2014, 14:27

Hello Rea family,
I heard your testimony and saw your enthusiasm and concerns. I could see Jesus is first in your lives. I went to the altar at the close of the service and prayed for God to offer me an opportunity to give financially to be part of the mission to Zambia. That was last winter and I haven’t forgotten. Thought of some ways, it could be possible but God has now answered my prayer as I knew God would. I didn’t know how, but knew result would come. It did and I am humbled at the loving and faithful response of our God. Please let me know where I can send the donation. I will be keeping up with you’ll on this site.

Samuel Bushimbe 12-11-2016, 07:04

Your goal is to establish a fundamental Baptist church to the new area. Am a Baptist here in Solwezi Zambia where there is no fundamental Baptist. I am requesting you to come and plant a Baptist church. How can you help this situation of mine. Come and do the work.

GERARD NZEYIMANA 26-08-2013, 10:30

Greetings in JUSUS’s are you men of God,we hope you are doing well.i wonder whether the messages we sent you reach you especially to your friend John Shrader. because he never reply.anyway,i was reading your pages,and i see whom you are and what you are doing.God bless you.may God give you Africa as a Nation to conquer with the GOSPEL,so that in return,the hall world may be impacted,go ahead!remember i am trusting God to join myself his pray for me to find the opportunity.thank you God be with you.we met in bujumbura last jully. we need to hear more about you if you get time.


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